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I was born the 29th of January 1970 in the small village (I mean really small, in the range of 50 houses) Lystrup on the north-coast of Djursland (Jutland, Denmark). Kindergarten and 1-7 grade was spent at the nearby public school Langhøjskolen, Vivild and 8-9 grade at the private school Randers Realskole 30 kilometers away. After that I went to the gymnasium Amtsgymnasiet i Paderup which I really enjoyed (see the home-page for class '89). All the way along I had the luck of having qualified and enthusiastic teachers in the natural sciences mathematics, physics and chemistry.

In 1989-90 I then did my service in the army ...(now). Of course it was not as enjoyable as the gymnasium, but it was OK and I got to save up some money. Surely I had good use for those when I started at the university in September 1990. I started at the mathematics/physics programme and after two years I decided that I would major in mathematics. This was actually a bit surprising (at least to me), because I had until then assumed I was going to be a physicist. Anyhow, I finished physics and started taking graduate courses in mathematics. Then in January 1995 I took my major examination in mathematics and joined the Ph.D.-program at the mathematics department. Two years later, in December 1996, I handed in my progress-report and passed my qualifying exam. At the same time, I received the M.Sc.-degree.

In July 1999 I handed in my Ph.D.-thesis The Geometry of Deligne-Lusztig varieties; Higher-dimensional AG codes. On 17 September I defended it and was conferred the Ph.D.-degree.


Since the fifth grade I have always had some kind of employment. I have always liked to spend money - preferably my own money! First I delivered news-papers, then I got a job at a large printing facility. There I made really good money all the way through the gymnasium. After a year at the university I realized that although I had savings and received grants from the Danish State Education Grant and Loan Authority, I would have to get a job if I wanted to maintain (what I considered) a reasonable standard. Luckily I had gotten a truck drivers license when I did my service, so for almost four years I was a truck-driver relief-man distributing groceries to the FDB stores.

When I started my Ph.D.-study, grants increased and I also started giving problem solving classes. I was in the spring of 1996 relieved from teaching in order to build the Departments' WWW-pages. Related to this is my favourite quote.

From 1 April, 1998 until 1 October, 2000 I worked at the Centre for Mathematical Physics and Stochastics (short: MaPhySto) as administrator/project manager. This collided a bit with my Ph.D.-study and I was therefore on leave from the Ph.D.-study for half a year after which I again started on a half-time basis.

Having that aside, I continued my work at MaPhySto using the spare time there were for doing mathematical research.

In the spring of 2000 I started thinking about moving to Copenhagen to work there. After some thorough considerations I decided to quit my job at MaPhySto, in order to take up a position as a consultant with PwC Consulting in their department for distribution planning systems. In February 2002 this department was spun off into the seperate (partially PwC-owned) company Transvision. See further updates in my LinkedIn profile.

In my spare time

I like to go to the movies and I do it often, or used to, should I say. Many evenings are now instead spent on playing with my daughters Marie and Katrine.

Back in 1993-1995 I used to play a lot of tennis, and lately I have taken this up again. I now play in KFUM Tennis Club, Emdrup.

Søren Have
Lykkesholms Alle 37, 2tv
DK-1902 Frederiksberg C
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