Mobility Apps – What to use?


Søren's mobility apps in February 2016

While we are all waiting for a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) provider to make one mobility app to serve all needs, I’m – like many others – using quite a bunch of apps to serve my mobility needs.

Following a LinkedIn/Twitter conversation with Anna Thormann and Gustav Friis about if there was a good list of apps, I made the below lists.

Please add suggestions in the comments section, or via Twitter – then I’ll update.

Disclaimer: The list is neither complete, nor objective.

Apps I use myself:

  • Afgangstavlen: Shows public transport departure times in your vicinity. Recommended by Anna Thormann.
  • Airbnb: Booking of private rooms/flats. Nice when travelling as a family.
  • Car2Go: Used for one-way car-sharing. Now closed in Copenhagen, but keeping it as I expect to use it when travelling.
  • CLEVER: Showing the positions and availability of EV charging operator CLEVER’s stations.
  • CPH Airport: Departure and arrivals at CPH.
  • DSB: Used for purchasing seat reservations when travelling with Danish State Railways ((DSB) – the actual ticket is paid for with the national Oyster-like travel card Rejsekortet.
  • DriveNow:  Free floating car sharing service. In Copenhagen operated  by bus/train operator Arriva, and by using nice BMW i3 electric cars. Use it about once a month.
  • Easy-Park: Parking app, mainly for going out of town by car. But also handy when having guests visiting Frederiksberg (as you just can put in any registration number in the app – you then pay for your guest’s parking, instead of them having to have the hassle of buying ticket or installing app)
  • e-Remote: App to check status (charging, position) of our VW eUp (and to turn on heat/aircon in advance – ahh)
  • GoMore: Has two uses:
    • Peer-2-Peer carsharing: I use this 3-4 times per year, when we need a long-distance supplement to our electric car.
    • Ride-sharing (the real kind, where the driver has a destination and need of his own): Mostly use it when driving empty to/from Jutland – not so often though
  • Google Maps: Good alround. Used mainly for way-finding on bike or in car.
  • Metroen: Shows status of the Copenhagen metro system. My main use is when I take the metro to the airport, and want to be sure that it’s running as usual.
  • Mobilbilletter: App to purchase public transport tickets (single, 10-trip, day pass, etc) on Sealand. Have used it quite much, but since I got the travel card (Rejsekortet) in 2014, I don’t use it very much.
  • Mols-Linien: App for purchasing ferry tickets between Sealand (Sjællands Odde) and Jutland (Aarhus/Ebeltoft)
  • Momondo: International flight tickets.
  • Movia: Bus app. Not used so often – mostly to check departure ‘signs’.
  • Norwegian: Electronic airline ticket/boarding card app.
  • Rejseplanen: The public transport travel planner in Denmark. I use it to determine best combination, when decision to use public transport has already been made.
  • SAS: Electronic airline ticket/boarding card app.
  • TripAdvisor: Some like to rate, I mainly it for finding good places to eat.
  • VIA Egencia: Our corporate travel agent’s app. Holds itineraries.

Other apps:

  • Ally: Multimodal travelplanner, also beyond public transport. Covering many cities.
  • City Mapper: Multimodal travelplanner, also beyond public transport. Covering many cities.
  • e-kWh: App for charging at pay-as-you-go chargers. Haven’t tested it yet.
  • DB Navigator: For international rail travel [Thx, @MilitantePolitologer]
  • DanTaxi: Taxi ordering app. Quite plain. Used to go a lot by taxi, now less so.
  • Donkey Republic: A Peer-2-Peer  bike-sharing app. Was a test driver once, but don’t use it as I bike on my own bike (so don’t need to rent, and need it myself).
  • Drivr: Used to provide same functionality as Uber, in collaboration with existing cab firms. But now seems unavailable in Copenhagen.
  • I bike CPH: Bike route planner for Copenhagen. [Thx, Anna Thormann for suggesting.]
  • Moovit: Multimodal travelplanner, also beyond public transport. Covering many cities.
  • Næste: Get next departure of bus, train or metro near you. [Thx, Mikkel Højbjerg for suggesting].
  • Plugsurfing: Finding EV charging spots in Europe. Haven’t tried it myself, but seems to cover quite well.
  • Qixxit: Multimodal travelplanner, also beyond public transport. Focusing (for now) on Germany. Led by DB.
  • Rejs Nemt: An an to supplement the travel card Rejsekortet, allowing you to look up prices, set check-out reminders, etc. I have not used it yet, though.
  • Trafikken Hovedstaden: Showing traffic reports, road works, road web cams, etc. Particuarly relevant for public transport and private car users, commuting on congested stretches. [Thx, Christian von Huth for reminding me]
  • Uber: Peer-2-Peer taxi app. Works in more and more cities (including Copenhagen, although it is currently uncertain whether it is legal)

Wish list:

These apps aren’t existing (yet):

  • Bycyklen: The Copenhagen bike share system ‘Bycyklen’ doesn’t have an app. Strange.
  • Park & Ride: A travel planner to combine car and public transport, through park & ride. (Actually Rejseplanen had this functionality back around 2010, but it was skipped again, due to lack of resources)
  • MaaS (Greater) Copenhagen: The killer-app, combining all kinds of transport, private or public.
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3 Responses to Mobility Apps – What to use?

  1. Hej Søren
    Jeg er blevet anbefalet af Anna Thormann fra Gate21, hvor jeg også arbejder, at kigge på listen her, fordi vi gerne vil informere om apps på vores hjemmeside(
    Det er en super god liste med beskrivelser, du har lavet her, så jeg vil høre om vi må tage den ind på hjemmesiden(evt. opdatere og redigere den i forhold til målgruppen), hvis vi krediterer dig derinde og linker til bloggen her?
    Det ville være en stor hjælp, hvis vi kunne det 🙂
    Venlig hilsen Christine Thorsen, Gate21.

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