Plugging the EV into the streetlights

Great when things come together:

  • I have since long been frustrated about the poor options for charging our EV over night (and recently wrote this Danish blog-post about it – main take away: we have in Frederiksberg only 6 (six!) EV plugs for a city with over 23.000 cars)
  • At the ITS Denmark annual meeting I heard Citelum briefly mention that the new light posts they are setting up in Copenhagen in principle could become EV charging posts (based on the Telewatt project, I guess)
  • And now, this evening I read in the local news paper that Frederiksberg Municipality should renew the street lights:


Well, well, well! Of course not all streets are suitable for this (e.g. if there is sidewalk/bike path in between), but surely some will qualify. Go do, Frederiksberg.

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